Model: 2020

Engine: MERCURY F30CT / 4F

Dimensions: 4.90m * 1.95m

Persons: 5 Certification: CE Without operator permission

Features: Mercury 30hp machine, Auxiliary machine: Mercury 4stroke 4hp, Gasoline tank: 2x25lt and has Medium consumption: 0.5-0.7 lit / nm. It is equipped with awning awning, gps and sonar. Capacity up to 5 people.

  • Our boats are certificated with Certification: CE.
  • Permission up to 5 persons.
  • Prices are per day including VAT.
  • We deliver your boat and receive it with full fuel tanks.
  • Includes mixed boat and passenger safety.
  • Lease time starts from10:00 and ends the same day at 18:00.
  • No operator permission required.
  • Possibility of renting with the time and for multi-day rental by appointment.

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The company

Our love for the sea created Pelion Boats Adventure, a yacht rental company. Our boats are brand new, CE certified and equipped with the most modern means. Choose boats without a diploma or with a captain for private cruises. You will find us at Glyfa Kala Nera Port of the Naval Schools with comfortable parking. Come and experience a unique experience!