Obey the Safe Navigation and Collision Avoidance Rules and keep in mind the special conditions at sea and the dangers that ignorance and lack of experience may cause.
Do not approach swimmers, keep a safety distance of MORE than 200m. Do you like to sail near the coast? You may ONLY approach areas where there are no swimmers and you while you maintain a LOWER speed five (05) knots.
Did you find during the voyage a yellow sign, marked with a yellow flag with a diagonal red line that includes the letters (Υ/Δ)?
CAUTION! This sign indicates the existence of fisherman diver at that point. Avoid him with increased caution and at a distance of at least one hundred and fifty (150) meters away.
Do not approach the wake of passing ships.
Do not allow people on board to move or sit on the railing while the boat is moving.
Do not perform dangerous handling or maneuvering.
Do you travel at night? Turn on the navigations lights.
Are you involved in an accident? Notify the Coast Guard and give them first aid.
Are you in danger? Notify immediately with the boat’s VHF or your cell phone nearby vessels, local Port Authorities, Central Coast Guard Offices, friends and family.

Provide CLEARLY and ONLY the following information:
Personal data and a mobile phone
Boat name / port of registry
Nature of risk
Number of passengers
Your location (use your GPS and provide your accurate position)
Departure port
Your destination.
Does your cell phone has ‘no signal’? DO NOT PANIC. Call 112. This number is the European Emergency Number. Wherever you are, whether your mobile has – ‘signal’ or not, you can dial this number only in IMMEDIATELY DANGER. Depending on the nature of the risk you will immediately be connected with:
Police 100
EAWR 166
Fire Brigade 199
Coast Guard 108

DO NOT use this number, EXCEPT when in danger.
USE During the day smoke signal and flairs at night
Did the engine break down? Use the floating anchor and the spare engine in order to reach the nearest shore or harbor.
You as well as the passenger should wear the lifejackets.
Man Overboard. Use the circular buoy immediately by holding the end of the attached rope and pull him on the boat. Watch out for the wind! Pull him from the leeward side of the boat.
In case of fire, use the fire extinguisher.
In case of an accident, hold on an overturned boat.


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